This is a repeat attendance to this boot camp, still worth the investment. In addition, it is an opportunity to be around others on the frequency. Loved it! Highly recommended!

-Wendy Deloach (Chicago, IL)

The boot camp was great. I enjoyed being able to interact with everyone that came.

-Irvin Wilson (Dallas, TX)

I am interested in the New Dawn Transformation Community because this is the only place I’ve received information and tools that actually works. Ever since I started being more consistent with applying the information from the members area to my life I have had a lot of growth. When I found this information on YouTube I was addicted to learning more. Everything in me knows this is where I’m suppose to be.

-Anisa Het-Hera Obi Ra  (Los Angelese, CA)

This was a wonderful experience. This boot camp raised my energy! I will return!

-Jason Jones (Queens, NY)

I appreciate how clear the information was presented. I also enjoyed the fun-time breaks, give-ways, music and Naazir’s sense of humor. The most compelling for me was the secrets of the Bible, death and how to avoid being re-entrapped into a body. This event was worth triple the investment. Will bring a guest next time.

-Patricia Greer-Jones MD (Macon, GA)

I really enjoy the boot camps. There is a lot of information and tools given to take back with you.

-Krystal Williams (Morristown, NJ)

Naazir Ra gave a very detailed, organized and concise presentation. I took a lot of notes and got all my questions answered. If you are serious about ascension, you need to reserve your seat at HPU and take yourself to the next level.

-Treyvon King (Atlanta, GA)

There was a lot of information that was delivered in a professional and organized manner, which was also entertaining.

-Felicia Scott (Memphis, TN)

This course had it all: FUN, INTENSITY, HUMOR and POWERFUL information. I really enjoyed myself. I watched Naazir on YouTube and I must say, as much as I love his YouTube channel– it is nothing compared to the level of information and frequency boost you get from the live event. It is great to get the information from Naazir Ra in person and get your questions answered. I also enjoyed everyone at the class. I will definitely be back!

-Maryland Fenner (Miami, FL)

Phenomenal and mind blowing!

-Terry McCurry II (Mobile, AL)

Naazir is an amazing man. Everything he speaks resonates deeply in my spirit. I feel I can trust him and the information that comes through him. I would HIGHLY suggest anyone who is search for higher spiritual teachings to join Hidden Power University and come out to the events. It will change your life!

-Steven R. Thurmond III  Ph.D (Jackson, MS)

All I can say is WOW! I got goose bumps throughout the event because the information was so powerful! I am on a cloud right now! Plus, it was amazing to meet beautiful conscious people like me from all over the country. Loved how Naazir gave away so many products, books, and DVDs with the FUN TIME breaks! My soul has been searching for an event like this and can’t wait to attend another one.

-Stephany McCall (Baltimore, MD)

The best event I EVER attended! Very enlightening and powerful information. PLEASE make them longer! I loved it! Also appreciated the professionalism and organization.

-Scott Terrell (Houston, TX)

The Boot Camp was time very well spent. Naazir is giving us all the tools we need to complete our 3D assignments and graduate to higher planes of learning and existence. My guest and I have been following Naazir for a few months now and I am so at peace to have found where I need to be for my spiritual growth and ascension. I would recommend these events to anyone who is seeking the truth based on FACTS.

-Cathy N. Jones LPN (Dallas, TX)

The course was MIND BLOWING! Much more then I expected. I am hungry for more. I can’t wait for the next one!I was so nervous at first but the energy from the attendants and staff was warm and comforting that allowed me to relax and be myself. LOVED IT!

-Jamal London (Decatur, GA)

Excellent! Very enlightening!! Very well organized and flowed well. Naazir had great control of the flow of the class. The textbook was amazing. People don’t know what they are missing. Naazir Ra is the TRUTH!!  If you are thinking about coming out to the next event— JUST DO IT! you will be glad you did.

-Balinda McDowells Ed.S (Waner Robins, GA)

The best event I EVER attended! Very enlightening and powerful information. I loved it! Also appreciated the professionalism and organization.

-Scott Terrell (Uniondale, NY)

I’m 22yrs old I’m in Colorado playing football at CSU-Pueblo and I wanted to let everyone that the Alkaline Supreme Pack is the best investment I’ve ever made! I started with the gold and my mental clarity is at an all time high, I can see the game with much more focus and calm and still be fiery. The platinum even though I’m young has increased my libido tremendously. The iridium has taken my dreams to another level– I can remember them as if they happened five seconds ago at any given point in the day! I use the silver on cuts that happen on the field and it works wonders as well. Right now I purchased the Power pH drops and they’re also true to their description! Everything its taking my entire life to another level!! These products have changed the trajectory of my life in such a huge way and at a rapid rate as well!

– Ikechukwu (Rome) Iheanaju (Savannah, GA)

Naazir Ra is a phenomenal metaphysical teacher, lecturer, author, and now film producer. He explains advanced metaphysical concepts in ways that anyone can understand and apply the concepts. Additionally, he brings a fresh voice to the field of metaphysics. In his effort to reflect diversity and truth, Naazir features African- Americans metaphysical teachers in his DVDs, a commendable act. It is rare to see Africans, whether from America or any other country, in films about metaphysics even though metaphysics originated on the continent of Africa. So, I applaud Naazir’s commitment to exposing the world to the truth about metaphysics and about its origins.

-Jamela Franklin, Ed.M, M.A. (LA, CA)

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK  FOR A FUN-TASTIC WEEKEND! I learned more this weekend about consciousness, health, spiritual science than I have learned in my WHOLE-LIFE! It was worth 3x the registration and I would strongly recommend that anyone who is seeking a profession seminar that is full of tools, science and fun to come to HPU!  I can’t wait for the next event!! Thank you and God bless..

-Charles Gilbert Contrell II (Dallas, TX)

I have attended dozens of seminars and workshops ranging corporate, holistic and motivational. Overall, The Hidden Power Revealed by Naazir Ra (hands down) is the BEST I have ever attended!

-Nina Woodland (Chicago, USA)

Naazir Ra exceeded all my expectations. He is a storehouse of spiritual and scientific knowledge. I can’t wait to put into practice all the tools and ascension techniques that I learned. The text book was a huge help as well.

-Wilson Davis (Los Angeles, CA)

I totally enjoyed it. I came for fun at the request of a friend not expecting much, but I enjoyed myself and learned a lot. Naazir’s has powerful energy and excellent presentation skills.

-Malibel Jones (Ohio, USA)

WOW! What a masterful combination of idea and concepts that all aligned with the common theme of transcendence and personal transformation! There are a lot of teachers out there but none gives as much practical tools and technology that we can actually use in our lives then Naazir Ra. This training was a perfect blend of theory and application. My advice: Get off the fence, step up to your power and register TODAY!

-Charlene Taylor-Daniels (Houston, TX)

The MOST Concise, Abundant, Informative, Organized, Entertaining, Empowering Seminar I have ever attended! Thank you & Many Blessings as you continue your Divine service, Naazir.

-Kristal Ra (Texas, USA)

I learned so much during this wonderful, intense and fun boot camp. What resonated with me most the connection between the stones and the angels. I now feel like I am able to have an even deeper connection with them. They often communicate with me in my dreams and now I have a better idea of how to decode their messages. Naazir does an excellent job explaining complex ideas and making them simple and easy to understand. Today is my birthday and I am so glad I decided to spend it here!

-Caroline Moore (Atlanta, GA)

Naazir Ra, thank you for this detailed event. My guest and I enjoyed ourselves immensely! The knowledge that we obtained was abundant yet very digestible. I now have a clear understanding of what to ask for from the Tree of Life. This event has taken my spiritual journey to the next level and I appreciate all that you do. You are truly a blessed brother!

-Bryan McCall (Miami, FL)

The Boot Camp is a MUST attend experience for anyone who is ready to start to know their true self and get your questions answered that is needed for you to move to the next stage of development. It’s a blessing to know that this type of information is available. Take advantage of the opportunity while it still exists. ASHE!

-Halima Swain (Canada)

I enjoyed it and can’t wait to put the Lucid Dreaming into practice! I love the fact that Naazir provided us with an Action Guide that outlines his entire seminar. EXCELLENT!

-Marie Smith (North Carolina, USA)

Naazir Ra is a great teacher. I will definitely be back and bring friends!

Tyesha Reynolds (Little Rock, AR)

The Boot Camp was great and VERY informative. Naazir definitely helped me gain a more spiritually evolved overstanding of “evil” and “good.” I feel more equipped to go home and research in more depth… The investment was well worth it and I am so glad I finally made my journey to the New Atlantis and attended Hidden Power University!
If you are thinking about coming– my advice “JUST DO IT.” You will be glad you did!

-Antonette Givens-Birch (Virginia Beach, VA)

I just like to express my sincere gratitude for the knowledge and information you shared with such LOVE and EAGERNESS! I really enjoyed the humor in the “FUN-TIME” breaks! LOL!! The pace of the class was swift and packed with detailed, organized illustrations, angel charts and tools… I look forward to my self advancement through personal study and attending future boot camps.

Sean Bell (Montgomery, AL)

I am so glad I invested in Unleash Your Hidden Power event!! Naazir connected a lot of dots for me. I love the way his teaching is so organized and streamlined. I also appreciate how Naazir brought to light habits and esoteric forms of reflection that I am excited about using to transform my life.

-Tanya Davis-Smith (Los Angeles, CA)

Great interaction between instructor and students. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and the presentation was clear and concise.

-Jasmine Mott (South Carolina, USA)

Great amount of information and resources. I’ll be registering again for sure!

-Tyesha Ma’at Ra (Houston, TX)

Unleash Your Hidden Power event was great. It added value to the things I have been studying. Naazir really helped me to see the value of practical application of metaphysical and spiritual science for success in life.

-Steven Jacobs (Atlanta, USA)

I LOVE the fact that Naazir is practical, down-to-earth and REAL! He gave us powerful guidelines for awakening our Higher God-Self like no other! The event was very informative, uplifting, inspirational and a lot of fun (to my surprise)! I will ABSOLUTELY be back! Thank you Naazir for showing me the value of TAKING ACTION!

-Frank Colbert (San Diego, CA)

I am a seasoned HPU student and I am still amazed by the new information and distinctions that Naazir continues to make in his presentations. This is why I keep coming back. This boot camp featured hand-on activities and student presentations that were great learning experience and helped to solidify the knowledge presented. I give thanks for Naazir and HPU, my life is better than I ever could have imagined it to be due to the wisdom, technology and products available at HPU.

-Evan Neal (Long Island, NY)

This was a very enlightening experience. I’ve been on this journey for a while but haven’t found anyone with this type of information all at once. Naazir Ra is a Master teacher with such clear and concise delivery. I guess this is why he is being used as a vessel to disseminate this divine alchemy in this age of transformation. I thank the Most High for Naazir Ra and Hidden Power University for helping me transform into my Higher Self in this lifetime. ASHE

-Gabriella St. James (Barbados)

This presentation left me speechless. By far the BEST workshop I have ever attended! POWERFUL!

-Anthony Richards (Atlanta, GA)

Thank you for preparing this wonder boot camp! I learned so many life changing things to carry back to North Carolina. I have been in a dark, depressed state for a while and your event gave me hope and the tools to get out of it. I have tried to get answers from church but have always felt like there was something missing… this boot camp gave me so much understanding on the divine order of doing certain things throughout the day.. thank you and I will forever be grateful to you and your wife for sharing the truth.

-Jason Dillard (Charlotte, NC)

Naazir presented many tools to aid those students interested in spiritual and personal growth. The message was delivered in a very clear and concise format. I enjoyed the course. Well done!

-Alison Johnson (Jackson, MS)

The Boot Camp was very enlightening, motivational and I totally enjoyed myself and the interaction with the many students across the nation. I will be signing up for the next one and bringing a guest.

-Sabrina Mason-Smith (Charlotte, NC)

Naazir Ra did it again! Another powerful, refreshing and fun weekend event! Thank you. I can’t wait to use the Gold, 321 Power Shake and Alkalize my water with Power pH!!

-Trek El Neter Ra (New Orleans)

Hidden Power University is a great resource for the community. Keep up the good work! I want to go on another HPU cruise!!

-Shafiyqa Auset-Ra (Atlanta, GA)

On a scale of 1-5. I would rate it a 5! I would recommend everyone who is seeking higher spiritual knowledge to come to Hidden Power University.

-Thomas Grear (Jacksonville, FL)

Naazir’s teachings will change your life on every level if you actually use the tools consistently. I encourage anyone who is sitting on the fence to “STEP UP TO THEIR POWER” and join HPU! It is the truth!!

-Shakim Shabazz (Brooklyn, NY)

I have seen much in improvement in my sons grades & his activity level since giving him the gold. He has was diagnosed with autism at a young age. I really appreciate your wellness products.

-Marlon Jackson  (Canada)

Naazir Ra is a new force on the planet and he is beings used to transmit end-time Divine Technology. I recommend and HIGHLY endorse The Hidden Power Revealed Seminar as delivered by Naazir Ra.

-Jamal Bashar Muhammed (Baltimore, USA)

I’m a African Hebrew Isralite living in Atlanta, GA and we had your book in our bookstore. A sister bought it and was so impressed with it. She told me I just have to have it. I read a small portion and I loved it. We had no more in the bookstore so I went online at Amazon and purchased it. I fill blessed to have you sign it for me. Peace and blessings.

– Sandra Hampton “Tiavah” (Atlanta, GA)

Naazir brought in India Arie’s Personal Chef to cater the event! The organic peach-berry cobbler was out-of-this-world! Oh, Oh… and the information was great too. LOL!!

-Kristal Ra (Texas, USA)

I’ve purchased the silver from your website and I was thrilled with the results! Short of giving me wings to fly it provided me with excellent boost with my day to day activities. (I’m a dancer). I just want to say thank you.

Felicia Johnson (Alabama, USA)

Very enlightening and opened me up spiritually. Naazir cleared up a lot a confusion I had about various spiritual teachings and beliefs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

-D. Johnson (Naples, Italy)

Mind-blowing information! I can’t wait for the next Boot Camp!!

-Anonymous HPU Student

The Boot Camp was AWESOME! The lecture and discussion was full of priceless information that I can use in my life. A great investment indeed!!

-Tony Riggins (Chicago, USA)

Excellent. This event has answered many of my questions. I no longer feel the need to take mind altering drugs. I’m on a spiritual high like I have never felt before. My life has changed because of this POWERFUL man: NAAZIR RA.

-Monique Evans (Houston , USA)

Very enjoyable. Wonderful information. Beautiful people and a great teacher. Worth much more then I invested.

-Tamika Hunter (Denver, Colorado)

The dinner was fit for a Queen. The information was profound and practical without a lot of “fluff.” I can’t wait to start creating my own sigils to energize my business and personal life!

-Jennifer Jackson-Smith (Salt Lake City, USA)

I just love the professionalism and thorough nature that Naazir carries in all that he does. He always opens doors for me! I definitely will be attending more Boot Camps with HPU.

-Jennifer Lee (Atlanta, GA)

I absolutely loved the Boot Camp! The information was awesome. I was a lot to absorb but he answered every single question that I had. I feel more confident going forth on my path to ascension.

-Lisa Michaels (Philadelphia, USA)

Naazir Ra’s, The Hidden Power, is a must read for anyone who’s dedicated to moving to the next level. In his book, Naazir is transparent and provides real-life personal experiences that everyone can relate to. He shares several practical strategies that he used to successfully overcome some of the pitfalls that often occur in this precious gift called “life.” If you are serious about transforming your thinking and ensuring that your dreams come into fruition, then I highly suggest that you read The Hidden Power.

-Anisa Trollinger

Education Administration (D.O.E.)

A very powerful and transformative experience that allowed for a deepening of the inner journey of my person spiritual practice.

-Jamel Bey (Richmond, VA)

Naazir presented a great deal of practical tools and esoteric information. His presentation was also fun and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I can’t wait for the next one. 100% worth the investment!

-Mellissa Forbs (Doraville, GA)

Many thanks for the books, sir. They are AMAZING! Nearly a month since receiving them, reading and studying the principles, it has revolutionized life for me 180 degrees! I’m embarking on a new job situation which will make me much more financially solvent than I was, my home is on the verge of being paid off, which will make me DEBT FREE, and I have more confidence than I ever had. I cannot thank you enough, Brother, for writing these books and sharing this knowledge. My next endeavor is to obtain your meditation CDs and see what’s in store for me next! I wish you much continued success in ALL that you set forth to do, good sir.

-Steven Nicks  (Columbus, OH)

EMPOWERING and UPLIFTING! Sing me up for the next one Naazir!!

-Dalilah Gibson (New York, USA)

I have never before encountered a master teacher with such high business ethics and integrity as I have in doing business with your organization. Live, Light & Love!

-Anonymous HPU Student

Very empowering and uplifting! The information was clear, concise and delivered in a very professional manner. A SLAM DONK!

-Kamesha Dillard (Atlanta, USA)

Very enjoyable. Wonderful information. Beautiful people and a great teacher. Worth much more then I invested.

-Tahira Muhammed

All I can say is WOW! I ordered your “Abundance” meditation out of curiosity and man was I blown away! The meditation made me feel soooo good! I can feel the energy of wealth pulsating in my body. I feel open and receptive to the abundance that I KNOW is on its way to me now!! The CD is professional, polished and great quality! An excellent investment!!

-Rev. Michelle Foster D.D.

I was very impressed with Naazir’s depth of hidden knowledge. I am looking forward to creating the Power Bath as soon as I get back to LA. Keep on doing what you’re doing. It was excellent.

-Michael Cabasa (Los Angeles, USA)

Peace & blessings to you, good sir! Just a short note to let you know how much this EXPLOSIVE information has helped me. It has literally taught me how to “go inside” and manifest a whole new career for myself. You taught us not to curse our situation, so instead of fussing and cussin’ as I was doing, I decided to go BACK TO THE BEGINNING. I went on a 40-day juice fast, began to re-establish my meditation lifestyle, reading wisdom literature, and just BEING GRATEFUL for what I had and where I was. The next thing I knew, a particular gentleman called me out of the blue and offered me the opportunity to build and run a recording studio for him…something I had been longing for and dreaming of for YEARS! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your books, seminars and coaching! THANK YOU for sharing these DYNAMIC secrets. As far as I’m concerned, YOU ARE my teacher and I receive YOU as such. Much continued success to you ALWAYS, sir!

-Trina J. Robinson (Texas, USA)

Thanks for raising me up from all those B.S. time consuming conspiracy theories and helping me to start focusing on me. If I had not ran across your information I would probably still be getting those little cheap thrills that I am some how “informed” about the latest theory somebody came up with LOL!! Now that I look back on it, that mentality is like a prison!

-Jerry Givens (US Marines)

“I liked the Boot Camp very much. So much information and power! I’m glad I learned to use this information.”

-Michael Dunn (Chicago, USA)

“Excellent! Much more than I expected.”

– Amen Re Tehuti (Wisconsin, USA)

“I loved the Hidden Power Boot Camp and would come again. The experience was on to be remembered. I’m glad I came.”

Bilial Muhammed (Atlanta, USA)

The Hidden Power Revealed gave me valuable information and powerful inspiration to continue with my spiritual growth and development. This seminar has revealed a ton of information to me about the energy way and healing.

-Anthony Daniels (Brooklyn, NY)

I had a great time and I would encourage anyone who is on a spiritual seeking higher truth to come out to one of Naazir’s events. It will be well worth your time.. a very wise investment in your ascension process.

-Stephen Jones (Brooklyn, NY)

I recently finished Zion and will be re-reading it! So enlightening and informative, made me feel so much better about what I can do with myself and life. I also started listening to the abundance CD a few nights ago. IT IS POWERFUL!

-Minigem06 (YoutTube)

PHENOMENAL! The Ultimate Metaphysical Seminar INDEED!!

-Steven Ben Carter (Detroit, USA)

I am absolutely blown away! Speechless! I’m looking forward to creating my personal spiritual rituals! Keep up the outstanding work.

-Tiffany Evans (Atlanta, USA)

Very helpful in spiritual information! The world needs this information NOW! Looking forward to the next seminar.

-Tara Kali Ma (Bermuda)

“The Hidden Power was a very enlightening and powerful presentation.”

Dr. David Truff (Atlanta, USA)

Absolutely wonderful! I look forward to other seminars and upcoming retreats.

-Bridgette Williams (Arizona, USA)


-F. Fayne (Toco Hills, GA)

“I feel like it offered exactly what it said it would. It was great!”

-Nichole Davenport (Virginia Beach, USA)

Thank you for the Daily Power Newsletter, it was very informative I am appreciative of the kind gesture of sharing information. As you may or may not know, I purchased your book The Hidden Self a few months ago and has positively impacted my life tremendously! I wish you many more blessings to come your way keep elevating.

-Demetrius, Sweden

PRICELESS! Absolutely worth every penny!!

-Anthony Fennel (Toronto, Canada)

Very light, uplifting and packed with information. I am so excited and eager to take this information back home! Thank you Naazir Ra!

-Yeudy Pallosky (London, UK)

Many thanks Naazir. I have listened and the content is fascinating. Thank you for sharing the knowledge!

-Lorraine, UK

I just wanted to thank Brother Naazir for the excellent job he is doing in helping people. I believe this information is the best investment I made in my whole life because it makes me feel powerful!!!!!! Like there is nothing in life to worry about. When ever I feel stress I read both of your books, and the negativity just seems so beneath me. And I use you as an example because at the same time you are helping people you are creating and shaping your own reality so you are living proof that this stuff really does work. Thanks brother, and love the motivational emails that you send to. Peace!

-Jerell Graves, Japan

Naazir Ra provides practical steps, tools, and the importance of “Dream Storming” for those who are ready to consciously create their day. The Hidden Power is a must read, get your copy today, study it and apply the action principles. There’s magic in dreaming!

-Traci Thomas

Founder, Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia (Atlanta, GA)

Just wanted to tell you that I find The Sleeping Serpent (Evening Mediation) CD to be extremely effective at helping me achieve R.E.M. sleep and lucid dreaming. Gratitude!!

-Eric Johnson (US Marines)

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve referred to the concepts of studying myself and investing in myself as Naazir Ra urges in his teachings. By caring enough about myself to enrich myself through many of the tools listed, I have found new levels of achievement and excitement as my life continues to unfold! As mentioned in THE HIDDEN POWER, the Universe could definitely be compared to a DVD–all choices, both good & bad, wise & unwise—all exists within its data. What shall you choose to experience?

-Karen Whyche (Brooklyn, NY)