Many of you have had your questions ignored or dismissed by organized religion. You may have been mocked or made to feel wrong for wanting to explore deeper into the mysteries of the Divine. You may have been treated as an outcast or marginalized because of the way that you think. Deep down you KNOW there must be more to these religious stories and spiritual traditions then your pastor, rabbi or imam is telling you.

Seek no further.

You have found the truth, facts and reality beyond a shadow of a doubt!  HPU is here to give you the raw reality behind all world religions and spiritual traditions. The children of God are never left without a guide raised from amongst them to raise them up.

If HPU is for you, you will know it– You get chills when you hear these teachings; relevant videos are made exactly when you need them and your questions are often anticipated.

This is no coincidence!

It’s time to come home. We are here and the time is now!


1st Degree: February – March 

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3rd Degree: June – July 

September Bootcamp & Graduation Celebration (tentative) 

4th Degree: August – September 


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